WZ - zwołanie walnego - 2020-06-03 - CITY SERVICE SE (cityserv)
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WZ - zwołanie walnego - komunikat spółki CITY SERVICE SE (cityserv) - komunikat ESPI

Komunikat spółki


UNI - EN REPORT No5/2020

Date of issue:2020-06-03
Short name of the issuer
Notice on Calling an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of City Service SE
Official market - legal basis
Unofficial market - legal basis
Contents of the report:
The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (hereinafter, the Meeting) of City Service SE (Societas Europaea), corporate ID code: 12827710, registered address: Narva mnt 5, Tallinn, Harju county, 10117, the Republic of Estonia (hereinafter, the Company), is convened by the Management Board of the Company.
Meeting date and time. The date of the Meeting is 26 June 2020, Friday; time 09:00, registration starts at 08:30.

Meeting place. The Meeting shall take place at the Vilnius office of the Company, at Ozo st. 12A, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania (Business Center Technopolis , building Penta the 6th floor).
Meeting agenda. The Supervisory Board determined the following agenda of the Meeting:

1. Presentation of the consolidated annual report of the Company for 2019 to the shareholders. 2. Presentation of the auditor s report of the Company to the shareholders. 3. Approval of the set of consolidated annual financial statements of the Company for 2019.
4. Distribution of profit (loss) of the Company of 2019.

Availability of draft resolutions. Draft resolutions of the Meeting (including on distribution of profit) as well as auditor s report, annual report and consolidated financial statements are available for examination on the website of the Company at www.cityservice.eu. Shareholders can also examine the draft resolutions of the Meeting and other mentioned documents during business hours from 09:00 till 12:00 every working day until the Meeting at the following addresses: in Lithuania the Company s Vilnius office at Ozo str. 12A, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania; in Estonia the office of law firm NJORD Advokaadibüroo, Telliskivi tn 60/2, 10412Tallinn, the Republic of Estonia. The minutes of the Meeting shall be made accessible to the shareholders after seven days following the Meeting day at the Company s website.

Eligibility of shareholders. The total number of the Company s shares and the number of shares granting voting rights during the Meeting is the same and amounts to 31,610,000. ISIN code of the Company s shares is EE3100126368. The list of shareholders entitled to take part in the Meeting shall be determined as at 23:59 on 19 June 2020.
Representation of shareholders. The shareholders will have to submit the following documents for the registration as participants of the Meeting:

1. Shareholders (natural persons): his/her identity document (passport or ID card).
2. Representatives of shareholders (natural persons): his/her identity document (passport or ID card) and a duly signed written power of attorney issued by the shareholder.
3. Representatives of shareholders (legal persons): in case of representation by law certified extract (or other similar document) from relevant commercial registry of the country where the legal person is registered providing information on a right of representation and identity document of the representative (passport or ID card); in case of authorized representation certified extract mentioned above, identity document of the representative (passport or ID card) and a written power of attorney duly issued by the legal representative of the shareholder.
4. Shareholders whose shares are held through the nominee accounts: his/her identity document (passport or ID card) and a duly signed written power of attorney issued by the holder of the nominee account opened with the Estonian central depository for securities indicating the number of shares owned by the shareholder.

Please be informed that shareholders, who are entitled to participate at the Meeting, can authorize by electronic means a natural or legal person to attend and vote on behalf of them at the Meeting. Power of attorney that is digitally signed by the shareholder must be submitted via e-mail to matas.likauskas@cityservice.eu not later than by 22 June 2020 (17:00).

At the Meeting the authorized person shall have the same rights as a represented shareholder, unless the authorized person s rights are limited by the power of attorney or by law. Documents issued in a foreign country must be translated either into English, Lithuanian or Estonian and legalized in the manner established by the law.

Voting by general ballot paper. A shareholder or his proxy may vote in writing by filling in a general ballot paper, in such a case the requirement to deliver a personal identity document does not apply. The form of a general ballot paper is presented on the Company s website. Upon a shareholder s request, the Company shall send the general ballot paper to the requesting shareholder by registered mail or shall deliver it in person against signature no later than 10 days prior to the Meeting free of charge. If the person who had completed the general ballot paper is not a shareholder, the completed general ballot paper must be accompanied by a document confirming the right to vote. The duly completed general ballot paper should be sent by e-mail to matas.likauskas@cityservice.eu or delivered directly to the Company s Vilnius office at Ozo str. 12A, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania, not later than by 22 June 2020 (17:00). The Company reserves the right not to include the shareholder s vote, if the general ballot paper does not meet the requirements of paragraphs 5.8 and 5.9 of the Statutes of the Company or if the general ballot paper is written in a way that it is impossible to establish shareholder s will on a separate issue.

Right to supplement agenda. Please be informed that shareholders whose shares represent at least 1/20 of the share capital of the Company may demand inclusion of additional issues on the agenda of the Meeting if the respective demand has been submitted in writing or by e-mail to matas.likauskas@cityservice.eu no later than by 10 June 2020 (17:00). Shareholders whose shares represent at least 1/20 of the share capital of the Company may submit to the Company draft resolutions in respect to each item on the agenda in writing or by e-mail to matas.likauskas@cityservice.eu by 22 June 2020 (17:00).

Right to receive information. Shareholders will have the right to receive information about the activities of the Company at the Meeting. Questions may be submitted before the Meeting by e-mail to matas.likauskas@cityservice.eu or delivered directly to the Company s Vilnius office at Ozo str. 12A, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania. Please be informed that the management may refuse to answer the shareholder s questions if it can significantly damage the interests of the Company.

Additional information is provided by tel.: +370 5 239 4900 and on the website www.cityservice.eu.
City Service SE Consolidated Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019.pdfCity Service SE Consolidated Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019
Draft_resolutions_of_the_Annual_GMS.pdfDraft resolutions of the Annual GMS
Power_of_attorney_2020.pdfPower of attorney 2020
Voting_bulletin_2020.pdfVoting bulletin 2020
(fullname of the issuer)
CITY SERVICE SEUsługi inne (uin)
(short name of the issuer)(sector according to clasification of the WSE in Warsow)
(post code)(city)
Narva mnt.5
+370 5 239 49 00+370 5 239 48 48
(phone number)(fax)
(e-mail)(web site)
DateNamePosition / FunctionSignature
2020-06-03Art ras Gudelis
Chairman of the Management Board

Nazwa jednostki:CITY SERVICE SE
Nazwa skrócona jednoskti:CITY SERVICE SE
Adres:Narva mnt. 5, 10117 Tallin
Telefon:+370 5 239 49 00
Fax:+370 5 239 48 48

Źródło: strona internetowa spółki, relacje inwestorskie, raporty bieżące i okresowe.
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